Darryl Evans


“After 25 years in the software business, we spoke to our accounting firm about providing a valuation. We quickly realized they were the wrong people to consult. Henrik from Gravity Consulting walked into our office a month later armed with a wealth of business experience and the ValueBuilder® system and immediately went to work in a professional manner.

We were very satisfied with the results, because we now understood the value of our company and the specific actions we could take to increase its value. We would recommend his services to any business.“

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David Kim


We started our company 5 years ago and have enjoyed considerable success. We now want to continue our growth and become a market leader in our area.

We brought Henrik in to provide an estimate of value and recommendations on how to continue, and finance, future growth.

Henrik obtained an excellent understanding of our company and our current situation and provided key insights and recommendations on how to grow and improve our company.

Henrik was easy to work with and completed the project to our complete satisfaction.


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Bill Janzen

“As an established small business with 20 years of experience, we felt that we had a fairly good handle on our numbers. However, during a period of rapid expansion and while evaluating a potential purchase and move to a larger facility, we needed an extra set of eyes to help us.

Henrik was extremely easy to work with, and his experience and expertise ensured that we took into consideration all factors before making a major decision. We ended up making the move, and the financial projections that he prepared were critical in working with lenders to establish financing for the new building.

Thanks so much Henrik for all your help!”

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Marianne Tykolis-Casey

We’ve had our business for many years but with several diverse business areas, it was challenging to see what specifically was working and what wasn’t. Henrik undertook some critical financial analysis for us and delivered key financial numbers and business recommendations we needed to move the business forward in the most profitable and sustainable way.

Henrik was able to quickly develop a firm understanding of our operations, was pleasant to work with, and delivered the project in a timely fashion.

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