Some Recent Examples

  • As CFO of a major home inspection franchise company, Henrik provided the financial governance that helped the company triple in size within just seven years. Cost savings exceeded $200,000 per year (5% of total sales costs), reporting turnaround decreased from 20 days to 4 days, and inventory turnover doubled.
  • As CFO with a Canadian fast-food franchise corporation, managed and strengthened the financial operations of the company across three operating divisions. This resulted in streamlined financial operations, the elimination of backlogs, and reduced accounting staff.
  • As Controller for an international real estate development company with over $200 million in Canadian and U.S. real estate interests, concurrently grew top line revenues across 2600 U.S.-based assets, added $2 million to overall portfolio value, and increased occupancy to 90+%.

Increasing Saleability of Business

  • The business owner had a plan to sell his business within two to three years. The business model was good and the business profitable, but the owner did not know exactly how profitable or which parts contributed most to the business.
  • Henrik built a more robust financial and accounting infrastructure. He helped implement timely and reliable financial reporting, developed financial measurement systems and stronger internal controls, and created statistical metrics.
  • When it came to selling the company, the systems and reporting capabilities reassured the purchaser and made the selling process easier.

Financial Management and Analysis

  • Provided feasibility analyses on the viability of several real estate projects in the Toronto area for a property investment company. He spearheaded the introduction of a new cloud-based financial management system for their property management division allowing for faster monthly closings.

Investor Relations

  • Prepared financial projections and a business plan for a mining company as part of its plans to raise capital. Based on that information, an investor package was created and new funding was obtained.