Our first step is a 20-minute phone call where we will explore your current situation, your growth plans, pain points, and obstacles.. If you are interested in going further, we will request that you complete the Value Builder ™ questionnaire. This will help us to identify further pain points, and the strength and weaknesses of your business. We may also request that you provide us with some financial information.



During this one-hour phone call or meeting, we’ll discuss a key finding from the Value Builder™ questionnaire, usually the one that is your greatest current pain point. We will also discuss possible means of improvement.


Financial Health Check

This consists of three parts:

1. A complete ValueBuilder ™ assessment which identifies the drivers of business value along with specific recommendations for improvement.

2.An operational and financial assessment for the past two years that includes, but Is not limited to, the current financial performance and cash flow, break even, and financing requirements.

3. A financial forecast for the next three years, incorporating the past two years. This financial forecast includes a forecast income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows as well as schedules as required for sales, cost of sales, expenses, payroll, capital expenditures etc. In addition to the actual forecast, two ‘what-if’ scenarios are provided.


Ongoing CFO Services

These are based on a retainer, and for a minimum of one day per month, to a maximum of one day per week (with some exceptions). The purpose of these ongoing services is to implement some of the findings in the Financial Health Check. These can include:

  • Implementation of better financial reporting, which allows the business owner to make better decisions and delegate tasks.
  • Cash flow forecasting and sustained improvements in working capital management.
  • Maximization of operational efficiencies and reduce costs.
  • Identification of opportunities for growth and profitability.
  • Identification and management of financial risk.
  • Building of value by implementing areas of concern identified from the Value Builder™ assessment.

$995 to 3,995 per month